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Gary Curtis is a designer with over 25 years of industry experience. Over this period, he has embraced complex digital solutions, which enable his clients to realise high quality design projects. When the opportunity arose to utilise his considerable expertise, in the field of landscape garden design he did not hesitate, and he has subsequently built a successful business based largely on personal referral. Gary has an exceptional eye for detail and enjoys reimagining a client’s ‘wish list’ to create spaces which deliver on both practical and holistic levels.

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One idea to make use of plastic plant pots

Are you becoming overwhelmed by waste plastic plant pots?  more  

More Friendly pest control for your garden.

Whereas Aphids have a specific time in the year, Slugs are usually hiding somewhere in your garden at all times of the year. Here are some options on their control.  more  

Friendly pest control for your garden

We're not in the middle of summer yet but it’s worth giving some thought in early spring to pests that you’re likely to encounter in the summer.   more  

Growing plants from seed. Another way to expand your plant collection

As a Garden Designer in Essex and East Anglia I spend more time in other peoples gardens than I do my own. When I do get time, growing plants from seed is a efficient way to expand...  more  

Dividing perennials. An easy way to develop your herbaceous borders.

As a Garden Designer in Essex and East Anglia I always ask my prospective clients how "hands on" they want to be with their new garden before I start to create the design.  more  

January update on first foray into garden composting

As a Garden Designer in Essex and East Anglia I am often asked about the value of composting in smaller suburban gardens where space is a challenge  more  

Review of the Husqvarna Hedge trimmer by Essex Garden designer

Practical review of the Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer in an Essex garden by gardener and garden designer Gary Curtis  more  

Looking for colour in Autumn?

The weather this year in Essex has been particularly mild and has subsequently delivered a season of amazing colour  more  

My first foray into composting

I must confess even though I’ve been a keen gardener for over 40 years I’ve tended to think that composting in a ‘smallish’ garden takes up too much valuable garden space   more